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Repair My Backup 4.2

Open BKF files and to extract data from Backup Files that are corrupt or damaged
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Have you ever been in the desperate situation of trying to use your backup files to solve a critical data loss and can’t do it because the file is damaged or corrupted? Well, if you have been using a computer for a while, it’s pretty much sure that you have been there. Repair My Backup is an application designed to help you exactly in that kind of situations. It basically consists in a BKF backup file reader. You can use it to open BKF files, and to fix Microsoft Backup Files that for some reason are broken.
You may have doubts or distrust of the reliability of Repair My Backup, and that’s why the developer offers you the possibility of trying the product before buying it. You can get a demo version that will work for a limited period of time. The limitation of this demo is that it won’t allow you to save the files in the BKF file to another location. All you are going to be able to do is see them, and try the fixing ability of the tool. Even more, the application is guaranteed so if you can’t recover your damaged data you’ll get a full refund.
Regarding file formats supported, Repair My Backup can read files created with the MTF file structure (Microsoft Tape Format), which includes the following types:
• MSBackup .BKF files created with Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000, XP, 2003;
• Veritas .BKF files created with NT or Netware.
Let’s list the main features of this application:
• You get to preview the contents of a damaged BKF file even with the Demo Version;
• You’ll be able to repair BKF files and restore BKF file contents with full file and folder structure, exactly the way they were created;
• It doesn’t limit the file size you want to repair.
The system requirements to be able to use this tool are the following:
• Operating System: Windows 9X/ME/200X/XP/2003/Vista
• RAM: 128 MB
• Hard Disk: At least 6 MB of free disk space

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  • There's a demo version available
  • The product is guaranteed with a refund option
  • It can recover priceless data


  • It's available in English only
  • It works with a limited amount of file formats
  • The demo version won't allow saving files
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